"Garfield Goes Hawaiian"
Garfield Goes Hawaiian
Title card of 'Garfield Goes Hawaiian'
Aired: September 17, 1988
Season: Season One
Director(s): John Walker, Steve Clark, John Sparey
Title Gag: "You folks have this confused. I'm real and you're animated."
Paired With: "Peace and Quiet" - Garfield and Friends

"Wanted: Wade" - Orson's Farm Quickies

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"Peace and Quiet" "Wanted: Wade"
Garfield Goes Hawaiian is the second episode of the first season of Garfield and Friends. In it, Garfield contracts the strange illness known as "Hawaiian Cat Flu", and Jon decides to use this to win a cash reward on a game show. However, when Garfield doesn't respond to the Hawaiian-themed prompt, Jon makes a fool of himself on live television. It aired on September 17, 1988, and was directed by John Walker, Steve Clark, and John Sparey. This episode and its sisters also set the running gag of Garfield breaking the fourth wall towards the audience at the title screen.
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